Dave Thek

Managing Partner, Strategy

Dave’s background includes leadership roles working at award winning creative agencies and global experience. Having worked at tier-one advertising and marketing agencies in Los Angeles, his experience includes experiential marketing, integrated ad campaigns, digital and Super Bowl spots. Dave’s agency experience is also international – He moved to Beijing to open an Omnicom agency office and grow the business there and later joined the leadership team at Saatchi & Saatchi to run the Lexus business in China. This top-level global agency and brand experience brings a powerful creative and strategic edge to immersive technology.

Matthew Wallace

Managing Partner, Sr. Engineer

Matt is a full stack developer with a long history of creating interactive/immersive digital experiences from his time at Riot Games and brands like Coca-Cola. As one of the early Flash developers that brought interactivity to the web, those skills translate to modern AR/VR immersive media specifically using Unreal Engine. In addition to cool front-end immersive tech, Matt’s overall capabilities ensure well-built, secure solutions – in fact Matt holds Level 1, 2, and 3 security clearance with the US government as he’s directed many high profile military tech projects.

Jon Walker

Managing Partner, Engineer

Jon has a unique mix of a background in marketing as well as software development. With roots in digital media leading and developing campaigns focused in the music/entertainment business gives Jon a unique creative perspective in developing immersive technology. As a full stack developer, Jon has worked on enterprise level projects from web to mobile to multimedia and has extensive API integration experience including AWS, Google, Facebook, and Salesforce. Jon’s project experience ranges from household name entertainment clients like Kenny Chesney and Taylor Swift to huge corporate clients like John Deere and HCA.

Tyler Bay

3D Artist

Tyler is a 3D Artist and technical director. Tyler’s been featured in trade publications as an authority on 3D, his background includes working at Pixar on the mega-hit feature film “Coco”. Philosophically, Tyler’s blend of artistic, creative, and technical ability ensures theatrical quality amazing 3D art and effects as well as a highly efficient productized development process. Tyler also runs an educational series called CG Forge, which allows him to stay on top of the latest and greatest in the industry while giving back and mentoring the 3D community.

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